In what form does the PremiFarm solution reach the customer? Does the user have to install PremiFarm himself?

We deliver the PremiFarm solution to the customer as a complete set, or technicians install PremiFarm on site at the customer. The above depends on the parameters of the object.

Do we need to purchase additional accessories to use PremiFarm? Which suppliers do you recommend purchasing accessories from?

The original package of PremiFarm includes the main accessories for the first month of use. (line mats, seeds)
Scales for weighing seeds and other accessories often found in companies/households are not included in the set.
We recommend buying the accessories from us or at your choice.

Does the user need to have prior gardening knowledge to use PremiFarm?

PremiFarm does not require prior gardening knowledge. The individual training included in the price is sufficient.
In addition, we offer customers access to a video guide that includes detailed step-by-step instructions from planting seeds to harvesting and using the app.

Can we grow all types of plants that can be grown in traditional agriculture?

Indeed, a large number of micro-shoots and mature plants can be grown. We have successfully tested and confirmed the possibility of growing 70+ plant species.

We would point out the differences between microshoots and adult plants here. Micro shoots are when the plant has 2 leaves. When the 3rd leaf develops, it is already an adult plant.
Interest in growing micro-shoots is somewhat greater than in adult plants. This is because the vitamin content of micro shoots is higher and the taste is brighter. On the other hand, because the market prices of micro-shoots are several times higher than those of adult plants.
We supply clients with a list of both micro-shoots and mature plants that have been tested and recommended by our in-house biologist.

Can we contact the help desk with specific questions?

Yes, we provide electronic email support.

What are the monthly operating costs of PremiFarm?

Monthly running costs depend on the selected PremiFarm model (Mini, Basic, Pro)

In terms of calculation, the monthly total cost for the Pro model (electricity price calculated at 20 cents/kwh, water at the price and fertilizer at the price) is XX EUR.

What is the estimated lifespan of PremiFarm?

Since we produce PremiFarme only from high-quality raw materials and components, we estimate the life of the main structure to be 10 + years.
The automatic part largely depends on the use, but the warranty period exceeds the estimated several times. It is also possible to easily replace the automation in parts with a new one as needed.

Which processes related to growing plants are automated, and which activities do users have to organize themselves?

Growth lighting, watering, fertilizer dosing, ventilation are automated. PremiFarm also informs if it is necessary to add water to the internal water tank, add fertilizer to the dispenser, Users should germinate the seeds by themselves, remove the covers after the blackout phase, add water if necessary when using the internal water tank, add fertilizer to the containers of the dispenser, harvest the crop.
We can also point out only automated processes and the aforementioned so-called Compulsory processes must be described according to the user manual. To avoid this long list.

Can we turn off PremiFarm to go on an extended vacation and/or take a break from using it?

Yes, it is possible to turn off PremiFarm after the end of each growth cycle.
In case of absence of 3-7 days, PremiFarmi can work independently. The time period directly depends on whether the user uses PremiFarm’s internal water tank or the option of connecting to the water supply. In the latter case, the autonomy time of the machine is longer.

What should we pay attention to when choosing a PremiFarm location?

PremiFarm is designed to work indoors. The room temperature should be between 18-21 C. The temperature in the room may vary slightly. Preferably close to ventilation.